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Devon Yoga Festival 2017

Duncan, Jules and James would like to give a huge thank you to all tutors and attendees of the 2017 Devon Yoga Festival, for helping to make it a wonderful, sangha weekend of holistic yoga. The English summer weather was kind to us allowing attendees to enjoy the outside lawns and woods of the 80 acre Rill Estate.

Once again in this our fifth festival, there was a wide variety of yoga traditions offered, ranging from: Holistic Hatha, Scaravelli and Kundalini to Neurogenic, Dance, Pranayama & meditation, philosophy and ayurveda .

One of the highlights of the long weekend was the ecstatic Saturday evening kirtan!

This year's donations to the charities were the most generous to date and we raised £1000 for Ganga Prem and £500 for the Glacier Trust. Also, the Ganga Prem festival stall took a thousand pounds.

Adding to all attendees and tutors generosity, was our one off sponsored headstand, where several practitioners took to standing on their heads for as long as comfortable with the incentive of pound-per-minute donations. As each headstander came down they received a generous clap and the final remaining headstanders stayed upside down for a respective 15, 18 and 20 minutes. The donation bucket was filled with an amazing £318. This sponsored headstand event was to raise funds for a Devon School of Yoga trainee teacher who experiences deafness to help subsidise her course and interpreter fees.

Once again it is with much appreciation to all for helping to make this year's event a success. We feel that our ethos of 'small is beautiful', simplicity, along with the non-commercial and not-for-profit principles make this a unique yoga festival and we'll look forward to continuing and seeing many of you again next year.

With Oms and Shanti
The Festival Team

Sponsored headstand on Friday afternoon

Swami Saradananda talking about Ganga Prem Hospice before kirtan
on Saturday evening