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Teachers for Devon Yoga Festival 2018

(At present, tutors are subject to confirmation)

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Saghar Nasrien Amozgar
Saghar is Persian in origin and arrived to the UK in 2000 after 8 years of study in India, completing her PhD in Psychology and her journey of discovery into yoga, meditation, and traditional ayurvedic massage. She studied at the Iyengar Institute for Yoga in Pune, and then went on to study at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram, qualifying as a Sivananda Yoga Teacher in 2004 . She has been teaching since that time, mostly general classes, but also some yoga for kids and classes for the Muslim Woman Community Centre.
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Mikel Burley
Dr Mikel ('Mik') Burley is Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy at the University of Leeds and has practised hatha yoga since 1993. His publications include Hatha-Yoga: Its Context, Theory and Practice (2000), Classical Samkhya and Yoga: An Indian Metaphysics of Experience (2007), and Rebirth and the Stream of Life: A Philosophical Study of Reincarnation, Karma and Ethics (2016).
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Alice Chapman
Alice is a yoga therapist and yoga teacher with a personal interest in pre and post-natal yoga and also yoga for women’s health. She studied and trained in India over the course of several years and has also completed post-graduate training in yoga therapy with the Devon School of Yoga. Alice has been practising Vipassana mediation as taught by S.N. Goenka for the past 14 years. She has been teaching yoga since 2008 and is a teacher trainer for the Devon School of Yoga and also teaches on the school’s postgraduate therapy course.
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Elise Yuill Cohen
Elise Yuill Cohen is a Songwriter and Devotional Artist, who’s music flows in her unique style of conscious folk songs, along with an extensive collection of mantras and sacred songs of ancient, original and contemporary origins. Accompanied by harmonium and guitar, she is known for her tender heart opening voice and is passionate about leading groups on the wave of Bhakti energy experienced whilst chanting the many names of the divine.
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Virginia Compton
Virginia teaches Yoga, leads retreats and offers Ayurvedic massage and Yoga therapy, holistic wellness assessment and lifestyle advice. Having completed Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist Training with The Devon School of Yoga and Ayurvedic Therapies with Sunita Passi Virginia has also completed further Ayurvedic training and continues to study with Steve Brandon of Harmony Yoga and Ayurveda. For many years Virginia worked as a nurse gaining experience of working with people with substance misuse and mental health issues as well as extensive physical health needs. This gives a unique and broad view of holistic health.
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Nirlipta Tuli
Nirlipta has been teaching yoga since 1990. He has yoga teaching diplomas from three different yoga teacher training organisations (Bihar School of Yoga, British Wheel of Yoga and Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres). Nirlipta has completed the British Wheel of Yoga Module in pregnancy yoga, and has undertaken further training in yoga therapy, including management of lower back pain, and yoga for women’s health. He has particular expertise in teaching yoga practices for positive mental health, stress relief and relaxation. Nirlipta also holds an MA in Indian Religion and Philosophy from the School of Oriental and African Studies.
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Uma Dinsmore Tuli
Uma was introduced to yoga at the age of four and began meditating at nine on a pilgrimage. After completing the Yoga Biomedical Trust Diploma in Yoga Therapy in 1999, Uma has continued to find the fully integrated approach of yoga therapy to be the most practical route to the healing power of yoga. She has trained in Structural Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, and works as a yoga therapist with expertise in women’s health. As a mother of three, she has been engaged with the development of pregnancy yoga, yoga for birth and postnatal recovery, and family yoga, and has been training teachers in this field since 2002.
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Helen Humble
Helen teaches yoga and is a district nurse working in the NHS. She holds a diploma in yoga therapy from the Yoga Biomedical Trust. She also practices Shiatsu to compliment an integrated approach to holistic health.

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Emily Katsuno
Emily came to yoga through her background as a professional dancer over ten years a go. She is inspired by a myriad of yoga practices, other ancient traditions, dance and all that connects us to our true nature! Emily is trained as a yoga therapist, in womb yoga therapy and is dedicated to self transformation and healing both for herself and others. 2018 will mark seven years that Emily has been walking the path as a teacher and she continues to be honoured and humbled by sharing this work in classes, therapy sessions and on retreat. 

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Barry Kristadas Elms
Barry is a Yoga Register Teacher, yoga therapist and chi kung instructor. He teaches yoga philosophy, yoga therapy, chi kung and leads kirtan (chanting) on Devon School of Yoga courses. He trained with: the Devon School of Yoga (holistic yoga), the Yoga Biomedical Trust (yoga therapy), Birthlight (pregnancy/postnatal yoga), Peninsula Medical School P.H.I. (complementary medicine), the University of Wales Trinity St. David (yoga philosophy) and Tai Chi Nation (chi kung).
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Meni Farkash
Meni has more than 20 years of practicing yoga. He has completed a 200 hour teacher diploma in 2006 with the Life centre in London as well as 250 hour yoga therapist diploma in 2015 with the Devon School of Yoga.His ability to share his extensive yoga knowledge with a dose of humour makes his sessions a rewarding experience. Meni is able to draw his knowledge and experience to create a balanced, fluid and transformative practice. Meni's yoga sessions are influenced by his love for movement and are based around Vinyasa Flow.
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Gretchen Faust
Gretchen began practising yoga in 1989 with Carolyn Oberst in New York City. After studying with Jivamukti Yoga, Astanga Yoga Nilayam and with Dr. Alison West, she began teaching in NYC in 1994. She then studied with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India, before settling in Totnes, where she built and established The Forge Yoga Centre in 1999. Her practice and teaching have been recently influenced by the completion of a three year training in Kum Nye with John Peacock and exploring Vinyasa Krama yoga with both Debbie Mills and Marc Beuvain.
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Jo Hamilton
Jo is a Devon School of Yoga graduate teacher and an advanced Trauma Release Practitioner (TRE). Following her own healing journey she supports people to release physical and emotional trauma through reactivation of our instinctive tremor mechanism, releasing accumulated deep tension held within our tissues. Jo studied with Judith Lasater, Dr Bo Forbes psychologist and yoga therapist, and with Dr David Berceli an expert in the field of trauma. She enjoys blending her toolkit of practices to untie the body from past painful experiences.
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Duncan Hulin
Duncan is the principal teacher, founder and director of The Devon School of Yoga and the organiser of The Devon Yoga Festival. He is a founder member of the IYN (Independent Yoga Network) and has been practising yoga for 35 years and teaching for the past 30 years. In the early eighties he spent three consecutive winters in South India studying with the late Dr. B. P. Pillai, former director of the government recognised Yoga Therapy Foundation, Trivandrum, Kerala. Duncan brings a wealth of experience to his holistic yoga teaching, courses and retreats.
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Chris Clayton-Jones
Chris has been practicing yoga for over 25 years, qualifying as a teacher with the Devon School of Yoga in 2007. He is presently based near Newquay, Cornwall where he teaches acroyoga.

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Caroline Lang
Caroline shares an approach to yoga that is not a method but a discovery, inspired by the teachings of the late Vanda Scaravelli, exploring how to release and find more ease, freedom and connection in the bodymind.  She has been teaching for about 26 years and hasworked closely with Sandra Sabatini, Sophie Hoare and Diane Long.Her practice and sharing is supported by a deep love of meditation, bodywork experience, and a natural desire to help others to place what is important at the heart of life.
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Michelle Levi
Michelle has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She has been influenced by a wide range of styles, from Scaravelli to Ashtanga Vinyasa, leading her to create her own unique flavour of yoga that is flowing yet precise and dynamic yet feminine. Her main teacher has always been Clive Sheridan. In her classes there is an emphasis on breath and awareness of grounding to maintain a body that is stable and free and a mind that is calm and equanimous.
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John Mclennan
John founded the Yoga Culture & Therapy Foundation in 1985 with Duncan Hulin, Sue Mclennan & Paul Taylor, bringing Dr BP Pillai to the UK for a Yoga Therapy programme before going on to study at Dr Pillai’s Institute of Yoga Therapy in Trivandrum, south India. He then qualified as a chartered Physiotherapist in 1991 and worked in the NHS until retiring as Lead Physio for the Lothian Chronic Pain Service in Edinburgh. He trained as an acupuncturist at the Acupuncture Academy and also the Northern School, has practiced meditation for many years and teaches anatomy and physiology for the Scottish School of Yoga Therapy.
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Sue Mclennan
Sue has been teaching yoga for over 35 years after training with Swami Visnudevanada at the Sivananda ashram in Neyyar Dam, South India and then over several years with Dr B P Pillai at the Institute of Yoga Therapy in Trivandrum. She runs the Scottish School of Yoga Therapy, is a tutor for Yoga Scotland and runs retreats in Spain. Sue also teaches regular classes and works as a yoga therapist in the Scottish Borders.
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Sally Ornellas
As a Yoga teacher & Shiatsu practitioner in North Devon, Sally focuses on connections between Body, Heart and Mind. She currently works as a psychological therapist within the NHS, teaching mindfulness to people with depression.

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April Pierrot
April Pierrot has taught Alexander Technique at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art for over 20 years, Since 2011, she has been in charge of the Alexander training at the new National Academy of Dramatic Art at Trinity in Dublin. April has a long standing interest in the body, in bodywork, bodywork training and all of the somatic disciplines, both Eastern and Western. Since the early 1980s, she has travelled and studied Yoga and Ayurveda extensively in India. As well as teaching Alexander technique, she is a Yoga Teacher, and a qualified Shiatsu practitioner.
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James Russell
James teaches a holistic approach to yoga that integrates a range of practices such as mantra, kriya, asana, pranayama and meditation. His main teacher is Duncan Hulin with whom he has studied regularly for the past 17 years. James has been teaching Yoga since 2007 and is a teacher trainer for the Devon School of Yoga. He is also a member of the team that organises the Devon Yoga Festival.

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Swami Saradananda
Swami Saradananda inspires you to practice Yoga. She has taught Yoga for over thirty seven years. Much of this time was spent teaching at the Sivananda yoga centres. Swami Saradananda has also authored a number of inspiring books on the subject of Yoga.

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Jules Yount
Jules came to Yoga from a background in the Bujinkan Martial Arts where she studied & trained for over 10 years throughout the UK, Europe, American & Japan. She completed her yoga foundation course with the British Wheel of Yoga and qualified as a yoga teacher with The Devon School of Yoga. She has also studied Chakra Vinyasa and Energy Activism with Shiva Rea. Jules teaches on the Devon School of Yoga foundation course. Jules is a member of the team that organise the Devon Yoga Festival.

Please note, all festival tutors kindly donate their time for free as this is a not-for-profit and non-commercial event

I wanted to send you all my deep gratitude for the fantastic weekend you all put together for us. The whole event was a seamless pleasure from our arrival till we floated home on the Sunday afternoon. And how cleaver of you to arrange the festival to coincide with some great weather. It was my friends first every experience of a yoga event and Hilary throughly enjoyed it and looks forward to meeting you all again.
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Created and organised by the Devon School of Yoga.
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A not for profit event supporting the charity: Ganga Prem Hospice
and The Glacier Trust

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